Android App Minis@Rom

For a great service pilgrimage to Rome of the Catholic Church in Germany I was asked to develop the app Minis@Rom.

The special feature here was that the app could only use offline functionalities because of the very high roaming charges in Europe. The aim was to avoid high mobile phone charges for the mainly young pilgrimage participants.

Therefore, large parts of the app consisted of edited, static content such as the program, general information, various tourist information, a small dictionary and a great collection of sightseeing tours. There were also small games and an audio guide for selected routes.

The app was implemented with the framework of Apache Cordova. For the editors, a web-based possibility was created for the implementation phase to formulate parts of the content via Markdown, which was then automatically integrated into the app during the build process. For budget reasons, this app was released exclusively on the Google Play Store. As the app was developed exclusively for the duration of the pilgrimage, it was removed from the Play Store at the end of the event.