MG5350 Setup under Ubuntu

How to set up Canon MG5350 with Ubuntu

Now that I was repeatedly faced with the same problem to set up my printer (Canon MG5350) under Ubuntu. So i decided to write a small documentation which steps are necessary for the successful operation. The instructions refer specifically to my printer, but in my experience all models of Canon can be set up in a similar way.


First of all, you need the appropriate Linux packages from the Canon support page. The Asian version of the website is used in various online communities, presumably because the most recent version can be found here:


If you download the file, you get a tar.gz archive which contains four Debian packages (two for i386/amd64) in addition to a few scripts I successfully ignore. In order to install the packages correctly, you have to resolve dependencies that are not included in the current Ubuntu distributions. These are the packages libpng12-0 and libtiff4, but you can still download both packages from the Ubuntu archive servers:


Now that all packages have been installed, the CUPS configuration takes place. As usual, the printer can be set up via the CUPS web interface. When selecting the drivers, select the freshly installed original driver from Canon. Enter the location of your printer in the following format:


Replace the XX placeholders with your printer’s MAC address.

If you want, you can write questions or your success stories down below using the comment feature.

3 thoughts to “MG5350 Setup under Ubuntu”

  1. Hi, I have followed the steps above but cannot get this to work. After installing everything I do not see any freshly installed driver available in the CUPS options in settings/printers/add…/new printer / generic CUPS-BRF – nor are there any additional Canon options if going in via newprinter/networkprinter. What do you mean by ‘CUPS web interface’ are you going on the internet in the final configuration step.

      1. Hello!

        Thanks a lot for that! I did not not this. In the Web Interface i was able to choose the MG5350. (not the driverless one. That gave me an filter error) I was not able to select it in Linux Mint cause of an CUPS error. Now i can print and even scan with simple scan.

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